Bahia is dedicated to its ‘eco-city’ status with many ongoing recycle projects, an organic shrimp farm and landscaped gardens. Tours to the shrimp farm are available through tour companies, as are trips to the surrounding dry forests and wetlands. Bikes can be hired if you want to explore the area on your own, or visitors can join a guided group of mountain bikers. Popular attractions in and around Bahia include the Isla Fragatas and Isla Corazon, where visitors will be able to see a spectacular variety of birds, and parks like Saiananda, which has an interesting combination of donkeys, deer, geese, sloths, macaws and ostriches that roam the grounds. The Chirije archaeological site is located in the setting of lush tropical forests and untouched beaches and, over and above walking around at the ruins, the site is also the perfect location for bird watching or taking horses down to the beach. The organic farm, Rio Muchacho, is another interesting attraction to visit while in Bahia and the beaches of Canoa offers visitors great hang-gliding excursions.


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